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Welcome to

E9th Pedal Steel Lesson Videos

I started doing lessons with Skype in 2009 and I've recorded them all live. So I've got hours of great lessons that I'm making available to all!! They will all be Quicktime Movie downloads that use the h.264 and .mov file. I've edited them down to just the lesson and placing them here on the site.

To make it interesting I'm placing them by student so you can watch and see them grow as players. Watch and see how praticing their drills pays off. So much to learn and here are some additional products to help you become a better pedal steel guitarist.

Whether its your right hand, left hand ankle or knees these lessons cover it all. Continue your pedal steel education with these low cost information packed videos for you computer!!

If you'd be interested in taking lessons over skype go to: and read all about it.

This weeks featured products:
Student 1-Lesson01

Student 1-Lesson01
Student 1-Lesson02

Student 1-Lesson02
Student 1-Lesson03

Student 1-Lesson03
Student 1-Lesson06

Student 1-Lesson06


Instructional video production:!
Watch a sample...

Did you know that you can get your own website at:

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